non-negotiable ˌnon-neˈgotiable adjective
1. FINANCE BANKING if a financial document such as a cheque is non-negotiable, it cannot be used by the person or organization receiving it to pay a third person or organization. crossed cheque S are non-negotiable
2. if someone says that a demand, condition etc is non-negotiable, they mean that they are not willing to accept other suggestions, conditions etc:

• To think we can compromise on raising the fuel tax is wrong; it's non-negotiable.

— opposite negotiable

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   A transaction where the terms of the contract are fixed. Also, an instrument that can only be held by the original holder and cannot be traded or transferred or used as collateral.

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non-negotiable UK US (also nonnegotiable) /ˌnɒnnəˈgəʊʃəbl̩/ adjective
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET used to describe a financial product that cannot be traded: »

Time deposits are non-negotiable deposits that are maintained in a bank for a specified period of time.

used to describe something that someone refuses to discuss or change: »

Talks failed because there were too many non-negotiable issues on both sides.


The buyout offers are nonnegotiable.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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